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Matt Canada is Wisconsin's new Offensive Coordinator

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Well, this news is interesting.

It's only fitting that Matt Canada stayed on Dave Doeren's staff for only one year.

He did it last time too.

After serving as a position coach at NIU for four years (RBs 1998-2000, QBs 2001-02), Canada was named offensive coordinator for the Huskies in 2003. After the Huskies went 10-2 and came close to becoming the first BCS-busters, Canada took his talents to Indiana for a significant pay increase and better opportunities. He would say there until he came back to Northern Illinois.

After another pit-stop as a MAC OC, off he goes again to the Big 10.

How will Canada leaving affect the Huskies?

2012 will be a transitional year anyways for the offense with a big change at QB and with the OL. It's probably best that they get started with an OC that's going to stay on for a while.

Canada did a pretty good job this past season leading a high-powered offense, but anybody could have coached the offense we had to be successful this past season. He was what he was, I suppose.

I wasn't a big fan, considering he got too fancy from time to time and flat-out made some bonehead calls this past season.

It should be interesting to see who Doeren brings on, but it won't be much of a drop-off in the long-run. At least I don't think so, but we'll see who is next in line.

Yet another successful season, which means talented coaches WILL depart. RBs coach Eddie Faulkner is now at Pitt and I'm hearing rumors LBs coach Tom Matukewicz is heading to Toledo.

Huskie Fans, what are your thoughts on these coaching moves?