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It's official: HUSKIEWIRE.COM is reporting that former NIU linebackers coach Tom Matukewicz will now be the defensive coordinator for the Toledo Rockets.

We'll miss you Tuke! You stayed on after Kill's evil empire left for Minnesota. The 2010 Humanitarian Bowl will forever be in our heads a story of redemption and overcoming the odds. NIU fans were down, but you brought us back up with you entertaining the media with your own unique personality. You were truly the man that brought the team together after a storm of turmoil that left the team with a skeleton coaching staff.

Tuke, forever a Huskie.

You persevered the loss of two starting linebackers and molded Pat Schiller and Jordan Delegal serviceable players. We'll still love you even if you departed to the dastardly Toledo Rockets.

Tuke, forever an inspiration.

After watching that program give up 63+ points to the Huskies the past two seasons, there's nowhere to go but up at that program. Guaranteed job security! New opportunities!

Best of luck to Coach Tuke!!