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NIU Huskies Almost in Mobile for Bowl

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The NIU Huskies will be arriving in Mobile, AL to start preparing for the on Sunday night. The bowl game has a lot to live up to, given the excitement this week so far with the Rose Bowl, Fiesta Bowl and Sugar Bowl all coming down to the end of the game to be decided. It's amazing that Oregon put up 45 points against Wisconsin, while the Huskies only put up a measly seven. So it goes.

This break has been extremely boring. There's been virtually zero news updates since the end of the season. Yes, Northern Illinois is still champions of the MAC. That hasn't been taken away. But how much will this team really care about the game? It is a serious concern. Winning something you hadn't in 28 years is about as high as a peak as you can get. College sports are weird, but the past isn't in our favor.

Arkansas State is still favored by 1.5 points. I'm afraid of that number. It didn't change during the suspension either. What right do the Red Wolves have to be favored? Is it a location thing? Of course there will be more ASU fans at the game than NIU fans. Could that be it? It seems as though public money is on the Huskies, but the big money is going towards the other team (barely).

I'm upset I haven't updated this site as much as I would have liked too lately. I'm going through some serious life changes and challenges that haven't allowed me to blog to the extent of my desire. It's been tough. In the offseason, I want to turn this into more of a comedy blog that happens to cover NIU athletics. A lot of you liked the Tim Beckman satire, but stuff like that is hard to write consistently. I don't know sites like EDSBS do it, but I will try.

I'm excited, but nervous for the game on Sunday. It should be a close game. The MACC is over, so the offense should be loose against an extremely talented ASU D. The defense should know what they're doing by now and should be able to slow down ASU at least a little bit, despite not having much depth after losing starters Ron Newcomb and Sean Progar.

I wish I could make the trip to Mobile, but like I said, personal issues will prevent me from going down there this year. Mobile is a great town and you should definitely make it down there. The gulf is great and I can't wait to get back down there again and eat some seafood.