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Northern Illinois Huskies stomp Arkansas State to take Bowl 38-20

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It was one of the weirdest games that I had ever experienced. The way the offense started off, unsure of themselves and giving ASU chances to score. Once that happened, things got shored up and the Huskies rattled off 31 straight points to win a bowl game for the second straight year.

This senior class has the best record over every Huskie team that has come before them.

There was a little bit of everything in this one: Close calls and reviews, injuries, clocks not working, mics not working. Heck, even the internet in the press booth didn't work.

Chandler Harnish had a hurt ankle? No problem, Jordan Lynch scores a touchdown and so does Jamal Womble somehow.

Arkansas State flat-out looked unimpressive on offense. And although their defense was good, the NIU offense found their spots to pick. It didn't hurt that Martel Moore was on our side. The defense put good pressure on and forced three interceptions and two fumbles. The D looked as solid as I have ever seen it this season, and certainly helped out when the offense was mis-firing early on or missing field goals.

More to come later, but this is one sweet bowl victory.