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Northern Illinois 45, Buffalo 3: Huskies unstoppable in Homecoming Victory

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Northern Illinois Huskies destroy the Buffalo Bulls 45-3 on Homecoming.

Mike DiNovo-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Now that I rewatched the game I feel that it's safe to say that the NIU Huskies are an unstoppable tour de force in all aspects of the game right now.


QB Jordan Lynch did a great job running the ball and throwing it around with 129 and 2 TDs on the ground and 232 and 2 TDs through the air. Where were the running backs though? Keith Harris and Leighton Settle have almost gone from top backs to decoys so that Lynch can rush the ball. I understand that Lynch is arguably our best runner, but I would like to see more production out of these players.

The offensive line is deadly explosive. Once they get flowing, there's no stopping this unit in a fast-paced offense.

WR Martel Moore is a monster. He really can make just any catch. Not only did he drag a bunch of defenders into the endzone with him in the 3rd, he also made a remarkable one-handed catch. He is as valuable as anyone else on this offense right now. 8 catches for 133 yds. What a consistent player all game long.

TE Luke Eakes was the second leading rusher because of a successful fake punt and also caught a nice 45 yarder. It's nice to finally have some consistent playmakers at TE.


Well this was a fun adventure. The front seven really didn't allow Buffalo to get anything going on offense the whole game. Joe Windsor had 7 tackles, 4 TFL and a sack. The unit as a whole only gave up 74 yds on the ground.

The secondary had some fun. After a high hit early in the game, true freshman CB Marlon Moore rebounded and had 2 INTs starting alongside Rashaan Melvin. What an unbelievable debut for the youngster.

Also, the SS Jimmie Ward ejection was one of the funniest football plays I've seen in a while. He had a perfect hit on the receiver to lodge the ball loose, but I guess what the refs didn't like is him just walking over the defenseless WR Alex Neutz and making a little motion with his hands. We still love you Jimmie Ward, just keep doing what you do.

Special Teams

The fake punt was solid and Matthew Sims made a 42-yarder towards the end of the game.

Overall, just like Doeren said it was finally a game where the Huskies put it all together to win a game on all sides of the ball. Not too many complaints here, just have to keep up the hard work and string together more games like this.