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NIU's Jordan Lynch is ridiculous

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Northern Illinois QB Jordan Lynch is #1 in total offense and is #2 in the nation in rushing yards.


Jordan Lynch is the heart and soul of this football team. What's most impressive is his production on the ground, but don't count out his throwing prowess. Lynch can chuck it deep and the next play scramble for 50 when he doesn't see anybody open. Here are some post-Akron numbers:


NIU QB Jordan Lynch is the #2 rusher in the nation with 1,049 yds on the season. He is only behind one player, Nevada RB Stefphon Jefferson, who has 1,248.


Lynch also leads the nation in Total Offense in the nation with 2,759 yds on the season.

15 yards

That is how long this touchdown was for Lynch, complete with a complete truck of defender Avis Commack. Commack is 6'3" 205 and Lynch is 6'0" 216. This is what happened:

When do we start the Heisman campaign?