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Northern Illinois Bowl Projections Week 8: It's not pretty

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Sites have predicted where the Northern Illinois Huskies will travel for the 2012 Bowl Season and they are slim pickings.


I figured now that the official site has a PostSeason Central already made we might as well start figuring out where the Huskies are going to go this postseason.

The MAC has three bowl tie-ins. In order of pick, they go: Little Caesars Bowl (vs. Big 10 #8), Bowl (vs. Sun Belt #2) and Famous Idaho Potato Bowl (vs. a WAC team picked seemingly at random).

That's right, the Little Caesars Bowl gets the first pick to play a Big 10 team. Problem is that the Big 10 notoriously never has anybody eligible at this infamous 8th spot. A Big 10 team has only played in this game 3 times this past decade (Purdue in 2011 and 2007, Northwestern in 2003).

However, this year Minnesota is projected by some to be available at that slot. That would be an amazing matchup against our old friend Jerry Kill.

SB Nation's Jason Kirk

Little Caesars Bowl vs. Troy

ESPN's Mark Schlabach Bowl vs. Western Kentucky

ESPN's Brad Edwards

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl vs. Louisiana Tech

CBS's Jerry Palm

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl vs. Utah State

CFN's Staff Bowl vs. Western Kentucky