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Northern Illinois Huskies vs. Toledo Rockets Gameday Info

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Everything you need to know for the upcoming home game for the Northern Illinois Huskies as they take on the Toledo Rockets.


Toledo Rockets (8-2, 5-1) vs. the Northern Illinois Huskies (9-1, 6-0)

  • Gametime: Wednesday, November 14th, 8 PM CST Kickoff

  • Series History: Toledo leads 29-10
  • Location: Huskies Stadium, Dekalb, IL

  • TV: ESPN2

  • Radio: WLBK 1360 (Dekalb), WSCR 670 the Score (Chicago), WTJK 1380 AM (Janesville, WI)

  • Line: Huskies are -10.5 point favorites

  • Weather: Partly Cloudy, 30 degrees F, 21 windchill

  • Visitor's Guide & Directions

  • Fan Guide & Parking

Opponent Info


MAC West Juggernauts

NIU and Toledo have been banging heads throughout the history of each programs. You can never take the Rockets for granted, as they have owned the Huskies over the series history with a 29-10 overall record. There has just been so much heartbreak on the Huskies side as UT knocked us out of both the 2003 and 2004 races to win the MAC West. This year feels so much like that year with Top-25 implications and a title shot on the line. It all seems too familiar and let's not forget the 2006 fog bowl and of course 2009's dirty hit to injure Harnish.

Winning 2 straight is an unusual thing for the Huskies to accomplish and last year was more of an arena game. Oh and let's not forget BANDGATE last year as well.

National Exposure

Toledo was ranked 23 last week but blew that opportunity. I believe the only other nationally televised game that the Huskies played in this year was against Iowa in the opener on ESPNU. That didn't turn out well.

Why don't more people follow this awesome NIU team? Because they haven't seen this team on their television screens. The Huskies just can't win this game, they have to impress to get more votes and exposure for a good spot in a bowl game.

Jordan Lynch (again)

All eyes are on Lynch to make a last-minute Heisman surge. Can he do it? Toledo is his first step towards that goal?