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NIU Huskies ranked #23 in Coaches Poll, #24 in AP Poll

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The Northern Illinois Huskies enter the AP Poll at #24 and the Coaches Poll at #23

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The 10-1 Northern Illinois Huskies are ranked in the polls for the first time since 2010 before the unmentionable MAC Championship that season. Their only other time in the polls was in 2003 and NIU has been never finished a season ranked so far.

The Huskies are ranked #23 in the coaches poll ahead of Mississippi State and Kent State at #25, who the Huskies will be facing in the MAC Championship in 2 Weeks. Also interestingly Boise State is right ahead at #22.

NIU is also ranked #24 in the AP Poll, the poll that doesn't count for the BCS, but is usually more accurate. Kent State is #23 in that one.

BCS Rankings will be released tonight.

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