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The North Coast Plan: Mike Mayock Is a Man Edition

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A 12-Team College Football Playoff Proposal.

Starting in 2014, College Football's Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) will move to a 4-team playoff format. The most recent details were unveiled last week.

The North Coast Plan is a 12-team college football playoff proposal first outlined here, which accommodates all 10 FBS Conference Champions.

The 4-team playoff is a move in the right direction but is still far from being FAIR and North Coast Bias is not alone in thinking so.

On the morning of Monday, November 19, 2012 on the Waddle and Silvy (listen here) radio show, Mike Mayock, current NFL Network Analyst and NBC Commentator said:

"I HATE the BCS National Championship. I think it's the most unfair thing in the country, regarding student-athletes. Every other team in college sports, male and female, gets to figure out their champion on the field. And I think it's a JOKE, that we have two teams decided by computers, humans, all this other stuff--what happens if Notre Dame wins and there's seven teams with one loss? How is it fair that one of those seven goes to the Championship (game) and the others get a pat on the back and go "hey, nice job, way to work your tails off since August" - are you kidding me?

So, I kind of look at it like it's a joke; it's a farce. The four (team) playoff that we're going to get soon is a Band-Aid, and if the NCAA and the Commissioners, and all, don't blow this thing up and just allow these kids and coaches to compete, um, I just hate it. Because there's going to be a bunch of kids that get screwed in the next couple of weeks."

Now there is a MAN who is not afraid to SPEAK THE TRUTH. It is refreshing to hear it said out loud, because we are sure there are many out there who are close to the game who would agree with Mr. Mayock, but just choose not to voice the opinion or at least not in such a clear and direct manner. KUDOS to Mike Mayock.

Inspired by Mr. Mayock's display of forthrightness, here's how things stand under the North Coast Plan: Mike Mayock Is a Man Edition using the current 2012 BCS Standings (Dated: 11.19.12).

Dropped out: Ohio, Michigan, Louisiana Tech, Western Kentucky, Florida.
In the Playoff: Kent State, Nebraska, Tulsa, Arkansas State, Georgia.

Seeds 1-4 - 1st Round Bye

1) Alabama
2) Oregon
3) Kansas State
4) Florida State

Seeds 5-8 - Host 1st Round Games
5) Nebraska
6) Rutgers
7) Boise State
8) Kent State

Seeds A-H
A) Notre Dame
B) Georgia
C) Nebraska
D) Rutgers
E) Boise State
F) Kent State
G) Tulsa
H) Arkansas State

1st Round Games - Home Sites

Arkansas State at Nebraska
Tulsa at Rutgers
Georgia at Boise State
Notre Dame at Kent State

*Projections assume the highest rated team from a conference as that conference's champion. Since there are currently 11 FBS conferences and not the 10 there will be when the playoffs take effect, only 10 projected conference leaders are used. With Utah State officially winning the WAC, they would need to be rated higher than current MWC leader (Boise State) to be included in the projection.