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2012 NIU Huskies Bowl Projections Week 12: Nothing to See Here

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Bowl Projections for the Northern Illinois Huskies for Week 12 are not interesting.

Kevin C. Cox

None of these bowl projections are interesting to me or Northern Illinois Huskie fans, so here they are without much explanation.

These are going to continue to be bone dry boring until NIU finishes the MAC Championship game and we know what the Huskies are ranked and what teams are bowl eligible or not. Until then, meh.

Remember in 2007 when we played an 11-2 TCU team that killed a 7-6 NIU team in the Poinsettia Bowl? Well this year could be the opposite of that situation.

SBNation's Jason Kirk

Little Caesars vs. Western Kentucky

ESPN's Mark Schlabach vs. Louisiana Lafayette

LIttle Caesars Pick: Kent State vs. Western Kentucky

ESPN's Brad Edwards

Little Caesars vs. San Jose State

CBS's Jerry Palm

LIttle Caesars vs. Western Kentucky

CFN's Staff vs. Louisiana Monroe

Little Caeasrs PIck: Kent State vs. MTSU