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NIU Huskies Ranked #18 in Coaches, #19 in AP Poll

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The Northern Illinois Huskies rise to #18 in the Coaches Poll and #19 in the AP Poll.

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Last week the Northern Illinois Huskies were only #23 and #25 in the rankings. Due to a perfect storm in college football yesterday, NIU is in the top 20 going into the MAC Championship. NIU ranks #18 in the Coaches Polll and #19 in the AP Poll. The Huskies also rank #19 in the Harris Poll as well. The BCS is comprised of 1/3 Coaches, 1/3 Harris and 1/3 Computer Rankings.

Remember the goal is to reach the #16 ranking and the Huskies will be BCS Bowl Eligible. The BCS Rankings are released tonight at 7:30 CST.

Things are getting exciting around here in Huskie Nation.

USA Today Poll

AP Poll