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Northern Illinois ranked #21 in BCS, Kent State #17 for MAC Championship game

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Both Northern Illinois and Kent State will be ranked in the BCS for the MAC Championship.

Kirk Irwin

The BCS rankings are out and NIU is ranked #21 and Kent State is ranked #17, just on the verge of getting that coveted BCS berth at #16.

Good thing for the Huskies is that the margins are razor thin for teams on the latter part of the BCS. Impress on Friday at 6 PM and the Huskies could be boosted right up to the top-sixteen, needed for that Orange Bowl.

As for now, NIU needs to focus on one thing and that's focus on beating Kent State in the biggest MAC Championship game of all-time.

The Huskies not only need to win, but Stanford also has to beat UCLA for the 2nd straight week and Kansas State should be able to beat Texas. Wisconsin beating Nebraska would be huge as well, but more of a longshot, as is Nevada over Boise State.

ESPN Complete BCS rankings.

BCS Standings (via ESPN)