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Why does the BCS HATE America?

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Dispelling the BCS Propaganda Machine.

Why does the BCS hate America?
Why does the BCS hate America?
Jamie Squire

The BCS Barons wasted no time propagating their false rhetoric to campaign against a potential MAC Champion NIU Huskies team.

Prior to the release of the latest BCS Standings, most estimates had both NIU and Kent between the 17 and 19 spots, but when the BCS Standings came out, Kent was 17 but NIU came in at 21. We remind everyone that the Ranking position doesn't mean anything, what matters is the actual BCS Average.

Much of the rhetoric this week has been that a win by Kent State would put them in a BCS Bowl, but talk about what would happen if NIU were to win is either absent or wrong. The BCS Barons pushing their agenda through the media are trumpeting the misleading propaganda that a 12-1 (9-0) MAC Champion NIU Huskies team would not be in a position to get the BCS bid. That is NOT the case.

The idea that five spots (21 to 16) are too much to make up is the bad dope these BCS pushers are selling.

A close examination of the BCS averages shows that the average between one spot and the spot ahead of it among the teams currently ranked 1-21 is only 0.04022 (1-spot average). The difference between NIU at 21 and Kent State at 17 is 0.0576, or just barely over the 1-spot average. A superficial glance may lead one to think that there is a sizable difference separating NIU and Kent, when it is really less than 1 spot and a half (1.43).

In fact, there are five different places, in the top 21, where the difference between one spot and the spot above it is greater than the difference between NIU and Kent State. (Shown in bold in the table below).

Rank Team BCS Avg. Difference
1 Notre Dame 0.9979
2 Alabama 0.9236 0.0743
3 Georgia 0.8911 0.0325
4 Florida 0.8882 0.0029
5 Oregon 0.8626 0.0256
6 Kansas State 0.7735 0.0891
7 LSU 0.7357 0.0378
8 Stanford 0.7299 0.0058
9 Texas A&M 0.6861 0.0438
10 South Carolina 0.6689 0.0172
11 Oklahoma 0.6129 0.0560
12 Nebraska 0.5393 0.0736
13 Florida State 0.4645 0.0748
14 Clemson 0.4570 0.0075
15 Oregon State 0.3790 0.0780
16 UCLA 0.3304 0.0486
17 Kent 0.2512 0.0094
18 Texas 0.2492 0.0020
19 Michigan 0.2094 0.0398
20 Boise 0.2030 0.0064
21 NIU 0.1936 0.0094

Also, the difference between NIU and the #16 spot, which is being painted by some in the media (maybe with a financial interest) as an insurmountable five-spot difference, is really just over a three-spot difference (3.21).

In actuality, the MAC Champion, whichever team happens to win on Friday, would only really need #6 Kansas State to beat a 3-loss Texas team at home, and have #8 Stanford beat a 3-loss UCLA team at home. The same UCLA team that it just beat in Pasadena by 18 and that lost to 3-9 Cal by 26 points.

The harsh truth is that, with Kansas State and Stanford wins, the computers should put either NIU or Kent State at or above #16. The spin happening this week is not surprising but it is a bit concerning because the thought is that it shouldn't matter since the computers decide things. All of the deception this week is evidence that the system is susceptible to manipulation and influence.

It is a shame that those pulling the strings feel the need to try to further manipulate a system, that they approved and put in place, which is already unfairly weighted in their favor. As if it weren't enough to stack the deck, now they want to pick and choose the cards that make up your hand.

Denying the MAC Champion a BCS Bowl would be an egregious display of collusion and worthy of criminal investigation.


In the event that further action is needed:

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