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Jordan Lynch Heisman Credentials: Week 11

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NIU Huskies QB Jordan Lynch should be a Heisman candidate.


The stats don't lie, Jordan Lynch had a great game yesterday against UMass while barely playing much of the second half.

He finished 15-19 passing for 191 yds and 2 TDs while on the ground he was 15 for 157 yds and a TD. His 57 yard run broke the game wide open and solidified his solid day at the helm. That's 348 yds and 3 total TDs.

  • Lynch is #1 in the nation in total offense with 3,517 yds on the season rushing and passing
  • Lynch is #1 in the nation in points responsible for with 210 (19 passing TDs, 16 rushing TDs)
  • Lynch is the #1 rusher in the nation with 1,342 yds. Stefphon Jefferson has 1,341 and Kenjon Barner has 1,295.

If you want to know how the true Heisman race is stacking up, check out this post by Heisman Pundit

Right now I'd probably go:

1. QB Collin Klein, Kansas State

2. RB Kenjon Barner, Oregon

3. LB Manti Te'o, Notre Dame

4. QB A.J. McCarron, Alabama

5. Braxton Miller, Ohio State

Lynch's main goals right now should be:

  • Continue to put up ridiculous stats and beat Toledo on ESPN2.
  • Repeat the same in the remaining one or two games left

Yeah, that's about it for right now. Take it one game at a time.

These stats will only hold up until this Saturday, as NIU has a bye week this week.

Everybody will get to see what Lynch has up his sleeve for the game against Toledo a week from Wednesday.