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NIU Huskies in the AP and Coaches Polls: Week 11

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Northern Illinois Huskies come up just short of being ranked in both the AP and Coaches Polls.


Another big win for the Huskies. Numerous losses by teams toward the end of the top-25.

Will the Huskies get ranked?

Not this week, as the Northern Illinois Huskies come in at #26 in both the Coaches and AP Polls. Last week they were 29th and 32nd.

An 8-1 Toledo moves up to being ranked #23 in the Coaches and #25 in the AP Poll.

Teams that shouldn't be ranked in front of the Huskies in the polls: Rutgers, Boise State, Northwestern, Texas Tech,

Toledo didn't play this week, but did beat a ranked team this season in Cincinnati. NIU will play the Toledo Rockets on Wednesday, November 14th.

It's important to note that since neither team plays next Saturday, BOTH TEAMS COULD BE RANKED COMING INTO WEDNESDAY'S MATCHUP. Thus being the biggest MAC game in years, but I already think that it is.