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BCS Watching: NIU's Orange Bowl Chances

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An open thread tor talk about the chances the Northern Illinois Huskies have at a BCS berth.


The biggest thing that needs to happen today is for Texas to lose to Kansas State. But after that, there are certainly some games that can help the Huskies. Let's look at all the possibilities:


7 PM: #6 Kansas State -10.5 over #18 Texas. Texas is one of those annoying teams that shouldn't be ranked, but voters still are putting them there. They are too close to NIU in the rankings and this is the biggest obstacle.

Somewhat likely

UPDATE: Baylor defeated #23 Oklahoma State 41-34. Even though Okie State is behind us in the polls, some computer rankings have them ahead of the Huskies.

7:17 PM: Wisconsin +3 over #12 Nebraska. Wisconsin is a terrible 7-5 and a win over the Huskers would be devastating to Big Red.

2:30 PM: Nevada +7.5 over #20 Boise State. Again, Boise is in the BCS talk by name recognition alone. It's ridiculous. NIU will likely jump the Broncos though (they even said it on the broadcast). UPDATE: Boise wins 24-21 but NIU should jump them in the rankings by becoming 12-1 MAC Champs.


NOW: TCU +6.5 over #11 Oklahoma. It can't hurt to knock down the Sooners even a little bit and get people scratching their heads. UPDATE: OU beat TCU 24-17.

7 PM: Georgia Tech +14 over #13 Florida State. This just isn't going to happen.