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NIU Head Coach Dave Doeren Heading to N.C. State, per reports

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Northern Illinois Huskies Head Coach Dave Doeren heading to North Carolina State.


Well the Huskies just won the MAC Championship for the second straight year. That's two in the two years that Dave Doeren coached for this team. He had a 23-4 record for his short but successful career at NIU. He was rumored in almost every coaching vacancy, so I'm quite surprised this is happening so fast.

SB Nation is reporting this as happening, citing various sources. The main one being FootballScoop (@FootballScoop)

Offensive Coordinator Rod Carey is being rumored as the favorite to succeed Doeren, which is something that I support at this early point.

Doeren will go down as one of the greatest coaches in NIU history, albeit his short tenure. He came and left in a classy way, something that can't be said for a lot of college football coaching regimes. This departure was expected, but he will be missed.