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Northern Illinois to add Jumbotron to Huskie Stadium in 2013

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The Northern Illinois Huskies are getting a Jumbotron put into Huskie Stadium next fall.


In the Sun-Times article about attendance the other day, you may have glossed over one paragraph that actually broke some news to NIU Huskie fans:

"It’s going to get better," Doeren said, pointing to the stadium outside his old office window. "They’re putting a new Jumbotron in here next year, they’re putting all these signs on the side, those ribbon LEDs. The [new] indoor training facility opens in October. The state [high school football] championships are here next year. This place is taking off. The last thing is to fill the stadium."

Steve Nitz of Huskie Wire confirmed it today.

What do we know? We're getting a new scoreboard and video board next season and it's going to cost $3.3 million. That means it's going to be really nice. NIU was very particular about how they wanted to build the Chessick indoor practice facility for next year and that will be ready to open in October. I'm sure the administration has taken their time with this project as well.

It's a small step in the large scheme of getting fans into Huskie stadium and keeping them there.

And they better fix the sound system as well.