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NIU Huskies to take on Florida State in the Orange Bowl

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The Northern Illinois Huskies will play the Florida State Seminoles in the Orange Bowl on January 1st.


The 12-1 Northern Illinois Huskies will officially take on the 11-2 Florida State Seminoles in the Orange Bowl on January 1st. They are ranked #15 and #12 in the BCS, respectively.

SI's Pete Thamel was the first to break the news, if I'm not mistaken.

NIU Huskies are MAC Champions and FSU Seminoles are ACC Champions. Both barely though. If Georgia Tech can slmost beat FSU, then NIU certainly can. Ironically FSU's worst loss was to NC State, where Doeren is now employed. They also lost to Florida.

A multitude of things had to have happen for the Huskies to make it in, including Texas losing yesterday and Wisconsin blowing Nebraska out (Bielema doing a favor to his formerr assistant Doeren).

I'm surprised that an NIU fan didn't win the powerball with the amount of luck that took to get here.

This is actually happening. The BCS actually pulled through.

Make sure to check out SBNation's own Tomahawk Nation for their side of the Orange Bowl coverage as well.