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Offensive Coordinator Rod Carey promoted to Northern Illinois Head Coach

The new head coach of the Northern Illinois Huskies will be Rod Carey.


I was going to wait on this, but the esteemed Fred Mitchell of the Tribune is all over it:

I guess the original source was FootballScoop yesterday and Punter Ryan Neir also announced it on some form of social media.

Rod Carey took over the offensive coordinator position after the opening loss to Iowa, because Mike Dunbar had to step down to deal with his cancer. Carey is 12-0 as offensive coordinator of the Huskies and has helped develop Jordan Lynch into a Heisman candidate.

Most of his prior experience has been coaching offensive line (at North Dakota & Illinois State) and this year he developed 5 new starters into MAC Champions. His previous stint at OC was at D-III Wisconsin Stout from 2000-06.

Here is his profile on the official site.

I am also hearing a bunch of other assistants are staying as well. He could be one of those coaches that sticks around like Chris Peterson of Boise State or the legendary Joe Novak, NIU's head coach 3 coaches ago.

This seems to be permanent and not interim like Coach Tom Matukewicz, who coached the 2010 Humanitarian Bowl in Boise.

The official press conference is at 8 PM.