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Northern Illinois to sport New Uniforms for Orange Bowl

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The Northern Illinois Huskies will sport new Uniforms in the Orange Bowl.

New Adidas uniforms for Northern Illinois
New Adidas uniforms for Northern Illinois

Northern Illinois will be making significant changes to their road white uniforms for the first time since 2007. That year added some minor improvements and a black stripe to each side of the jersey.

This is a special uniform for a special 12-1 NIU Huskies team. Adidas, who provided the new uniforms, has been partners with NIU for several years.

Florida State had better watch out. This is the first time red pants has ever been introduced to the uniform. It's always been a black before this. The gray letters are slick as well.

The Huskie on the right sleeve and the word Huskie on the left will introduce incentive for a flex contest on the field and I so hope that happens after some touchdowns.

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What do you guys think?

This will be the first time the Huskies wear TECHFIT, which features multiple innovations to reduce the weight of the jersey by 30 percent, including a streamlined fit, new fabric, reduced seams and an ultra lightweight numbering system. The adidas TECHFIT jersey keeps players cool with integrated ventilation zones and moisture management fabric. Reduced seams and a restriction-free, high-stretch collar design increases range of motion to support player agility and speed.

The front of NIU’s white away jersey features a new custom front highlighted by a red “NIU” and silver numbers on the chest and shoulders. They Huskies will wear red TECHIFT pants, red/white Team Speed Vertical Crew Socks and black adizero 5-Star and crazyquick cleats.