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RABA's Week 14 BlogPoll Ballot

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Northern Illinois makes the BCS, while we bash Oklahoma just because we can.

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R. Yeatts

This is it. NIU barely makes it in at #16 and I believe that's where everyone had NIU. Without Ohio State, the Huskies are #15, and definitely above Boise State.

As a symbolic measure I've chosen to get back at the Big 12 Coaches and rank Oklahoma last in the ballot. If they can do that to NIU, why can't I do that to the Sooners. I've watched them play this season. They're not special. They didn't win their conference. Did you see how many points they gave up in their past few games? I would LOVE to see the Huskies take on the Sooners defense or defense really in the Big 12 Conference. You thought #MACtion was crazy...

It's my ballot and they let me vote in the BlogPoll. I can be as biased as I want and look out for my own team.