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The North Coast Plan: 2012 Final Standings Edition

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A 12-Team College Football Playoff Proposal.

Starting in 2014, College Football's Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) will move to a 4-team playoff format. This is a move in the right direction but it is still far from being FAIR.

The North Coast Plan is a 12-team college football playoff proposal first outlined here, which accommodates ALL 10 FBS Conference Champions.

Now that the College Football Regular Season has concluded and all the Conference Champions have been crowned, NCB seeds the 2012 North Coast Plan Playoff. In lieu of a selection committee, the Final 2012 BCS Standings were used to determine the seeding and two at-large teams.

Dropped out: Kent State, Oregon, Nebraska, Rutgers, Georgia.
In the Playoff: NIU, Stanford, Wisconsin, Louisville, Florida.

Seeds 1-4 - 1st Round Bye

1) Alabama
2) Kansas State
3) Stanford
4) Florida State

Seeds 5-8 - Host 1st Round Games
5) NIU
6) Boise State
7) Louisville
8) Wisconsin

Seeds A-H
A) Notre Dame
B) Florida
D) Boise State
E) Louisville
F) Wisconsin
G) Tulsa
H) Arkansas State

1st Round Games - Home Sites

Arkansas State at NIU
Tulsa at Boise State
Florida at Louisville
Notre Dame at Wisconsin

*Projections assume the highest rated team from a conference as that conference's champion. Since there are currently 11 FBS conferences and not the 10 there will be when the playoffs take effect, only 10 projected conference leaders are used. The WAC Champ, Utah State, needed to finish rated higher than the MWC Champ (Boise State) to be included in the projection.

EDIT: Thank you to numbersdontlie for alerting us to an error. The Stanford Cardinal were, of course, the PAC-12 Champions in 2012. The graphic and 1st Round Seeding have been changed to reflect this.