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NIU Hoops drop two straight road games, two games left in the season

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Just as predicted, the Huskies kept it close but failed to seal the deal in a road game against the Eastern Michigan Eagles this past Thursday. Similarly to the first game, EMU went 17 of 24 from the line, while NIU only went 11 of 15. The Huskies really like to hack the opponent on the road for some reason. The Huskies fought hard and dominated the boards 40-28, but just couldn't put it together to win their first road game of the season.

The Huskies were up 39-26 with 11:49 left in the game, but then the Eagles took over, going on a 15-0 run that NIU just couldn't come back from. There were a few seconds left in the game to try and put up a three-pointer, but the Huskies failed to put up a decent shot. 17 turnovers didn't help the Huskies either.

Abdel Nader and Tony Nixon had 10 points apiece.

Next up were the Central Michigan Chippewas on Saturday. I had this game circled as a game the Huskies would keep fairly close with, and they were a tad disappointing considering we had already beaten CMU this season. The Chips wanted that sweet revenge, though.

If you thought the EMU game was bad with hacking, CMU went to the line a whopping 40 TIMES! They were only 25 of 40, but then the Huskies were barely better shooting 18 of 28. The Huskies woke up a little bit offensively as Abdel Nader had 24 and Keith Gray had 13. However, the Huskies only shot 36.4% to CMU's 45.7%. CMU also beat the Huskies where the normally dominate on the boards 40-34.

Next up is the Toledo Rockets on Tuesday at home. The Rockets beat the Huskies 41-71 earlier this season in Toledo, so it might be time for some revenge of our own.