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NIU Linebacker Jamaal Bass indicted for Toledo Band Incident

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Per HUSKIEWIRE/Toledo Blade

This is just ridiculous folks. Northern Illinois starting Linebacker Jamaal Bass indicted on two counts of assault? One Felony and one Midemeanor? Are you kidding me?

Doeren and Bass not only apologized to the University of Toledo, but Bass was already suspended three games last season? And now criminal charges?

You can see the video here:

NIU player VS. UT Band Member (via pepperguy)

We've looked at this situation before and the whole thing is a joke. The charges are going to get dropped. Sure he intentionally ran in to the guy. Wouldn't you if he were IN YOUR WAY when you were running on to the field? What a freaking joke.

Two seasons ago, the Ohio Bobcats mascot physically attacked Brutus the Buckeye and no files were charged then. He was just fired. Bass was suspended. Punishment was lent out.

Now you've got a guy amped up to play a game in Toledo (which we would win 63-60 btw). Against your biggest rivalry for a chance to reach the championship of your conference. And there's some band nerd casually making his way off the field. What would you do in this situation?

If you watch the video or the GIF over and over again, he barely nudged the idiot band member that shouldn't have been there in the first place.


Is the Tuba player who got assaulted in the 1982 Cal-Stanford game going to come out and sue Kevin Moen, the Cal player that scored the touchdown? Are they going to sue Chandler Harnish for criminally assaulting their defense the last two years? (h/t @nburzych)

This is so stupid. Bass was just a redshirt freshman, and I think he can learn from a mistake. We should just walk out on to the field this year in Huskie Stadium. Now that would be a statement.

Tuck Foledo.