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NIU LB Jamaal Bass pleads not guilty to assault, guilty of reefer use in Toledo #BANDGATE

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Here is today's report per HUSKIE WIRE/Blade as usual.

It was a pretty standard day for the most part. Bass moseyed on down to Lucas County, which makes for an already miserable Thursday. Plead not guilty, yada, yada. But then there's this:

According to a report from Toledo Blade staff writer Erica Blake, judge Ruth Ann Franks "ordered a monitored recognizance bond, which includes regular phone contacts, as well as drug and alcohol testing." Before ordering the bond, the judge asked what a drug test today would show.

Bass then acknowledged that marijuana would be found in his system.

"I didn't know that football players at university could smoke dope," Franks said, according to The Blade. The judge was standing in for Judge James Jensen, who was assigned the case.

UH OH. More trouble for Bass.

A few thoughts about this:

  • Cool it with the weed guys. I know I did it my college days, but we didn't have two guys last season for that same reason. This is a stupid pedestal that I'm on and it's the offseason, but if I were on the team I wouldn't touch the stuff. Again, Bass is a redshirt freshman.
  • How could he not have known about this drug test that was happening? Is Bass' lawyer that dumb? Did he just not inform Bass that this would happen? If he knew beforehand, then he could have taken some super-cleanser and at least got the level down to being negligible. Shocking that this came as a surprise. Or maybe it didn't. Too quick of a turnaround time possible, charges as a surprise.
  • What is the lawyer doing not advising Bass to just keep quiet about what the test might result? He shouldn't have said anything to discriminate against himself in this situation in the first place.
  • Why are we even talking about this? This is completely irrelevant to the original case. Might add to his lack of character? OR WAS HE HIGH WHEN HE KNOCKED THE BAND MEMBER DOWN? HAHAHAHAHA NO.

More from HW:

"Northern Illinois Athletics has in place a Drug Testing Policy which applies to all student-athletes," the statement read. "That policy dictates a specific course of action which NIU will now begin with football’s Jamaal Bass based on his statement today in Toledo."

Hear that? That's Bass being suspended for even more games. It's a good thing Tyrone Clark is back at OLB after losing a year of eligibility for doing the exact same thing. Somebody please keep any more of our defensive players from smoking the ganja PRONTO!