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NIU Huskies defeat EMU Eagles for first MAC Tourney victory since 2003

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Third time's a charm I suppose. I knew something was off with that -8 point spread for the Huskies, since there were less games on the schedule they probably inflated the odds to get more people to bet on the Eagles. I just never thought that NIU would win the game straight up!

The Northern Illinois Huskies had a fortunate draw getting the 14-18 Eastern Michigan Eagles. Despite "winning" the MAC West, the Eagles are considerably a weaker opponent than any of the MAC East teams.

It may not show it on the scoreboard, but the Huskies went bonkers offensively in the limited possessions they had. Their effective FG% was a whopping 60.3% compared to their usual 42.8%. 19 out of 39 (48.7%) field goal attempts and 9 of 21 from three are tremendous numbers.

In fact the offense and defense was so good, EMU even beat the Huskies in turnovers (16-11), rebounding (28-27) and shooting free throws (8-13 to 14-20). Holding an opponent to 11 points in a first half is going to do the trick, even if they put up 41 in the second.

You can read the official release here. Stats here. This win was just so huge for the program and the Huskies.

What's great is that everybody on this team is equally important and they fight so hard to win games. Tony Nixon had 14 points and Askel Bolin had 13. Both had 5 rebounds.

The Huskies will take the short bus ride down to Cleveland and rest and prepare for a winnable game against Western Michigan.