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NIU Undrafted Free Agents Sign with NFL teams

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LB Pat Schiller has agreed to terms w/ the Atlanta Falcons. Schiller has always been an extremely productive part of the defense and made a huge comeback after injuring his knee in 2010.

WR Nathan Palmer has agreed to a free agent deal with the San Francisco 49ers. He was Harnish's #1 target his entire career and had an extremely good pro day running in the 4.3s.

C Scott Wedige has agreed to a deal w/ the Arizona Cardinals. The 6'4" 300 lb Wedige has been regarded as one of the best pro prospects on the Huskies for years.

Congrats to these Huskies! All of them have a very good chance at having successful careers at the next level. Especially NaPalm (did you see the 49ers offense last year?)