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What is your favorite NIU highlight of all time?

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In deciding my favorite NIU sports highlight of all time it has to be a moment that means the most to me. I could see a more incredible highlight, but this one means the most to me because of the situation I was in.

It was my first NIU game as a student. NIU football was one of the bigger reasons that I attended school there. It was an up and coming program that had previous success against bigger programs like Wake Forest, Maryland and Alabama in the past. September 3, 2005 in Ann Arbor against the Michigan Wolverines had to have been one of the best experiences of my life. It was an amazing stadium and it was the classic David vs. Goliath story in which I thought the Huskies had a chance.

The Huskies were barely outgained by U of M 447-411 yds, but they gave up 5 turnovers to one in the enemy stadium. NIU was down 3-14, we needed to bounce back to stay in this one early on.

So this happened.

76 yard touchdown by Garrett Wolfe.


I'm getting goosebumps just watching this again. Especially when I was live in the top row of a stadium that holds 100,000+ people. It was an introduction of how NIU football was supposed to be played. The final score in that game definitely should have been closer, but Garrett Wolfe was one of my all-time favorite players and made that play special to watch.

It doesn't get any better for me. What is your most favorite NIU highlight?