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What if... Heisman winner Tim Tebow played for the 2007 NIU team?

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The new NCAA Football 2013 game is out and one of the shiny features it has is the opportunity to take any Heisman winner and stick them on whatever team you wish. I refreshed myself by looking at a list of the winners and decided that the most interesting idea for this scenario would be to put Tim Tebow on the 2007 Northern Illinois team. Mind you, that team went 2-10 that year which was their worst record in nine years.

That was the final year that Joe Novak coached the Huskies. It just became too hard on him losing those games. He was one of the greatest coaches in NIU history and some would argue that the football program wouldn't be around today if it weren't for him.

Tim Tebow is one of the most polarizing figures in sports history. He is also one of the best college players of all time. How much of an impact would he have made on the 2007 team? A lot of people would compare Chandler Harnish to Tim Tebow. Harnish redshirted during the 2007 season and wasn't allowed to play in any games.

Stuck on the roster that year were guys like the oft-injured Dan Nicholson and former walk-on who probably should have never seen the field Ryan Morris. And that's it. Justin Anderson led the team in rushing that year almost by default with 1,298 yds only to fade into obscurity the next year. If he had a capable quarterback back there that could rush and throw the ball, things might have been different.

But let's face it, even putting Tebow back there in that backfield wouldn't have completely improved things. His two best receiving options were Matt Simon and Britt Davis. Put Tebow in the backfield and he would be running for his life the whole game, but this team doesn't go 2-10.

Five games that season were losses by a touchdown or less. 31-34 vs SIU, 19-21 vs EMU, 15-16 vs Temple, 13-17 vs WMU and 21-27 vs Ball State.

Put Tebow in there and you're at least 7-5 for the season. The team tried hard that season, they were just so distraught with injuries that hardly any breaks fell their way. Maybe we even beat Navy with their own game. Any offense would have helped us against Iowa. CMU, Wisconsin and Toledo were all blowouts though.

At this point in his career, Joe Novak would have given his right arm to get a player like Tebow, as he was flirting with switching to a spread-type offense for the MAC. So many players have been compared to Tebow in the MAC like Dan LeFevour and Harnish, but having the real thing would have been unbelievable and would have extended Joe Novak's career at least by a couple years.

How do you guys think it would go?

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