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Chandler Harnish Preseason Watch - Week 2


I know it's preseason, but watching Chandler Harnish play for the Indianapolis Colts has been pretty interesting.

After a pretty successful first week going 3 for 3 with a 33 yd touchdown pass against the Rams, Harnish had a definite learning experience in the game last night against the Steelers.

Harnish is currently the Colts' 3rd string QB behind the savior Andrew Luck and former Spartan Drew Stanton. He came in with 10:40 left in the game last night and led a pretty strong drive right into Steelers territory.

Handicapped with a holding penalty, Harnish managed to complete a pass over the middle to Griff Whalen, an undrafted rookie out of Stanford. After a couple unsuccessful run plays, he completed a 22 yd pass to the same recipient in the middle.

Keep in mind that the Colts were actually up 24-23 at this point. They just needed to keep the clock running to finish this thing out. 2nd and 6 at the Pittsburgh 31, Harnish throws to the right and gets PICKED OFF. Pittsburgh drives down the field and wins with a field goal with only 20 secs remaining on the clock.

You can check out the pick here, if you wish. Harnish naturally doesn't have a rocket for an arm like Luck, but he needs to be more consistent and make throws like this to hang on with an NFL team. This is extremely nitpicking, but you have to make things count with however few reps you get.

Also I love how he's known as "Mr. Irrelevant" now.

I also saw C Scott Wedige got some reps for the Arizona Cardinals, but didn't see LB Pat Schiller on the box score for Atlanta for some reason. WR Landon Cox got a little bit of playing time for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Nathan Palmer got a couple reps for the San Francisco 49ers.