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The big question: Offensive Line

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Will NIU get that extra push it needs?
Will NIU get that extra push it needs?

With less than one week to the Soldier Field Showdown III, let's just take a look at the offensive line, shall we?

The whole situation is wacky due to now zero projected starters having any previous experience starting games.

Projected starting C Logan Pegram has a pretty serious leg fracture, which will keep him out for a bit. First they stuck SO Michael Gegner back there, but rFR Andrew Ness has since taken over the position, switching over from LG.

Two players who Coach Dave Doeren said were having a good camp are LG Matt Killian and RG Aidan Conlon. Both are redshirt freshman and both are playing respective guard spots. Killian was Conlon's backup but switched over when Ness moved to the center position. Tyler Pitt also is in the mix at LG.

That's just the interior of the offensive line. Have I lost you guys yet?

At left tackle, SO Tyler Loos has been ahead of SO Ryan Brown. This is good, because it seems like he has finally healed from his ACL injury that kept him out all of last year.

At right tackle, it's been JR Matt Krempel all the way. AN UPPERCLASSMEN? You don't say.

That leaves a couple more injured guys that we may or may not see for a while. These men are senior guard Matt Battaglia who has been battling a back injury and junior Jared Volk, who had an offseason knee injury he's not quite back from.

RT Matt Krempel has a minor injury, but Ryan Brown backed him up in the Saturday scrimmage. So it seems like Brown is the ultimate backup for both tackles.

Here's the current depth chart, if I'm not mistaken, from left to right

SO Tyler Loos rFR Aidan Conlon
rFR Andrew Ness rFR Matt Killian JR Matt Krempel
SO Ryan Brown SO Tyler Pitt SO Michael Gegner JR Jared Volk SO Wes Ott

Go figure.

Do the Huskies have enough talent at other positions to overcome this inexperience on the OL?

You can also check out what other bodies we have at this position by looking at the 2012 Eligibility Tracker.


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