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NIU 35, UT-Martin 7: Huskies thrive in warmup game

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This was exactly the type of game that NIU needed at this point in the season. They needed to get back on top of things after the disappointing loss to Iowa at Soldier Field. And they did just that against a much lesser opponent. They needed this to get ready for upcoming opponents Army and Kansas. Mistakes in those games will be ever more lofty and could result in another one in the loss column.

It was a blowout, but oh so many lessons can be learned from this one, which is the most important thing for playing against this opponent.

Just a few notes on this one:

Defensive miscues

It was noted that we were playing a lot of man coverage in this game and I believe that led to a lot of mistakes in the secondary. It didn't seem like everybody was on the smae page all game long. I believe that unit is the best on the teamand it certainly didn't show out there on the field against a much lesser opponent. 283 yards through the air is just ridiculous. Obviously this won't happen vs. Army but this unit needs to play to its true potential.

Skyhawks mistakes

The beginning of this game was pretty ridiculous for UT Martin. First they miss a 21 yard field goal then they botch another try and yet another time they fumble in the endzone. NIU actually got pretty lucky here in terms of getting the ball back. If these events didn't happen, the Huskies might have been sweating at this point in the game. I'm sure that they saw in the film how close this one got early on.

Jordan Lynch and the offense

I loved everything about the offense on Saturday and it was light years ahead of what we saw against Iowa. Sure it was a lesser opponent, but I appreciated the continuing attempts at passing to this amazing WR corps. Everybody stepped up and Lynch finished 19 of 26 for 214 yds with a TD and an INT. He'll only continue to improve. Oh and he also rushed for 60 yds and 3 TDs. Settle also had 100+. Just have to keep the offensive momentum going towards Army this week.