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Northern Illinois 17, Iowa 18: Heartbreak Huskies

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Looking back on my predictions, this was a game that we all knew NIU was going to play against the Iowa Hawkeyes. It WAS ugly for both teams. The NIU defense did hold Iowa to just 268 total yards. However, the Huskies only put up 201 yds of their own, with only 54 through the air. The young offensive line held their own for most of the game. We KNEW that was a position that would make mistakes.

You can't fault the Huskies for effort. I'm past the point of being negative about this team and I'm looking for the positives. Especially after becoming MAC Champs last year. NIU looked to finally get past that point of being #badluckHuskies but this game didn't display that.

I think back to the 2003 Miami Redhawks team led by Ben Roethlisberger. Iowa beat them 21-3 in the first game but then the Redhawks didn't lose another game all season long. They became one of the best teams in MAC history and finished the season ranked.

I'm not comparing this Huskie team to that team, but I'm saying that NIU can learn a lot from this loss and the rest of the season has very winnable games.

What are your thoughts on the game? (Also I can't believe I can't find any AP photos of this one...)