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Mike Dunbar hands the torch to Rod Carey to lead the NIU Offense

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Here are all of the coaching changes that are going to happen to NIU now that Dunbar is leaving to deal with cancer:

Offensive Line Coach Rod Carey will now call the plays on offense as well as continue to coach the offensive line.

Fullbacks/Tight Ends Coach Joe Tripodi goes from being a 3rd year GA to a full-time Assistant Coach for the Huskies and takes over recruiting responsibilities.

It's a bit of a bizarre situation, because we'll still be using the same offensive playbook that the Huskies worked on in the beginning of the season. It's just going to be a different person calling the plays from the booth.

So what previous experience does Carey have coordinating on offense? From 2000-06 he was offensive coordinator for Wisconsin-Stout, a D-III school. Then he went on to some FCS schools in Illinois State and North Dakota the three years before he went to NIU.

It's interesting to me that both Jay Niemann and Carey's only previous coordinating experience has been only in D-III. While Niemann's defense is thriving this year, we can only see to what Carey will be calling in the near future.

Doeren also mentioned that QB Coach Bob Cole had also was OC at Utah State and Wyoming, while RBs/ST Coach Mike Uremovich was OC at D-II Wayne State.