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Northern Illinois falls short to Florida State in Orange Bowl 10-31

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The Northern Illinois Huskies were defeated in the Orange Bowl 10-31 by the Florida State Seminoles.


It was one of the few times that a game actually played out like the majority of people thought it would. Florida State had the talent and depth on their roster and played to the best of their abilities on Tuesday night against the NIU Huskies.

Special teams were excellent for the Huskies. First was the patented Jordan Lynch punt to pin FSU deep, but the Seminoles scored in four plays after that. Desroy Maxwell successfully ran for 35 on a fake punt on the NIU 32 which would lead to the first three points for the Huskies.

The only truly successful offensive drive took place as soon as the Huskies got the ball in the 3rd quarter. Akeem Daniels FINALLY got ahead of some defenders for a 55-yd scamper. Martel Moore managed to catch a 11-yd grab to put the game at 10-17

The Huskies are definitively a 2nd half team and as soon as they got the score, they managed to recover an onside kick. Like I was saying, special teams was awesome.

However on that drive, Jordan Lynch did something that you just can't do in that situation: force the ball on the run and get intercepted.

NIU was in the game until that moment. FSU would punch it in for the first play of the 4th quarter. The next offensive drive was the last chance for the Huskies as they were driving in Seminole territory. That is, until Da'ron Brown got hit and fumbled the ball. It could have gone either way.

This game reminded me a lot of when we played Michigan in 2005. When the other team has much better athletes they just grind you down and force you to turn the ball over.

The offense was a playmaker or two short of making anything else happen. The defense did fine, considering who they were playing and how they played

The Huskies had a great season and should be proud of everything they did this season.

Huskie fans, what are your thoughts on this one?