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NIU Huskies stay at No. 23 ranking in Coaches and AP Polls

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The Northern Illinois Huskies keep their rank at number 23 for a second straight week.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Northern Illinois Huskies stay undefeated by defeating a pesky Akron squad at homecoming. What is the reward in the polls this week? Not much.

  • 5-0 Fresno State goes from #22 all the way up to #19 by sitting on the couch. Good job guys.
  • 5-1 Nebraska goes from #24 to #21 by beating PURDUE. Their only loss is to #10 UCLA
  • 6-1 Virginia Tech jumps from #25 to #20 by beating Pitt. Their only loss is to #1 Alabama.
  • Oklahoma and Stanford lose to unranked teams and are still ahead of NIU
  • #22 Florida and #15 Georgia both have 2 losses, but you know, SEC.

Whatever. Just keep winning NIU and all the problems will take of themselves.

If you're feeling down about the polls, look up because predicts the Huskies will make it to the Fiesta Bowl! Yay!

Where should NIU be ranked?