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Jordan Lynch leads Northern Illinois over Central Michigan, 38-17

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The Northern Illinois Huskies defeat the Central Michigan Chippewas 38-17.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Lynch

There's only one thing to talk about right away after this game and that man is #6.

Jordan Lynch set the record for FBS rushing yds by a QB with 316 today at CMU. The previous record was 308 yds by NIU standout Stacey Robinson in 1990 vs a ranked Fresno State squad.

His final stats were 32 carries for 316 yds and 3 TDs on the ground. Through the air he threw for 155 yds with a TD and an INT.

He didn't get flustered after getting intercepted in the redzone and having the game tied 14-14 at halftime. No, Lynch put the team on his back and kept running and running at the CMU defense. Just when you thought he was going to stop, he just got stronger rushing for two 40+ yd runs in the 4th quarter.

The stats are unbelievable. We outgained the Chips 592-346 and out-rushed them 437-75.

This was a Heisman-worthy performance by a player and certainly the MVP of this team to say the least. It will get the media talking a little bit and improve our rank in the polls. Anything to get people talking about this team and not Fresno State. Also thanks for losing last night, Louisville.

#LynchFor6 #LynchForHeisman