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No. 14 Northern Illinois vs Western Michigan Preview

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The No. 14 Northern Illinois Huskies look to finish out the regular season as a perfect 12-0 over the Western Michigan as the Broncos travel to Dekalb Tuesday night.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sport

NIU Huskies (11-0, 6-0) vs the Western Michigan Broncos (1-10, 1-6)

When: 6 PM CST

Where: Huskie Stadium, Dekalb, IL


Weather: 22 F, Snow Showers, 17 mph wind

First of all, apologies for not providing as much coverage as I should be for these NIU Huskies. This past month/year/whatever has been crazy for me and I am actively looking for writers. Please let me know if you are interested. I don't want to abandon this thing while we are on top and I certainly don't want to stop writing completely.

WMU so far this season

It hasn't been pretty at all for the Broncos in P.J. Flecks' first year s head coach. It's not all his fault though, even as fans are calling for his head after his very first year. Western has been devastated by injuries so far this season, akin to what NIU experienced way back in 2007. Huh, PJ was WRs coach on that team as well.

P.J. Fleck was the leading receiver on the 2003 NIU team that was ranked as high as #12 in the BCS that year before dropping two MAC games late in the season. That won't be the case this regular season as the Huskies push to 12-0.

Their only win so far was when they barely edged out UMass on the road 31-30.

WMU Offense

There's one guy that everybody is talking about and that is freshman WR Corey Davis who is 3rd in the MAC with 64 rec for 91 ypg and 6 TDs. Getting him the ball is another freshman in Zach Terrell who has been inconsistent as best taking over mid-season for senior Tyler Van Tubbergen. Just another example of the youth and experience on this squad.

Their total offense is ranked 110th in the nation, but they are 78th in passing. Nothing to write home about on this side of the ball though.

WMU Defense

Ranked 78th in the nation, so not completely terrible until you see that they rank 115th in rushing defense. That's not going to be pretty against NIU, who ranks 7th in the nation in rushing and has guys like Jordan Lynch, Cameron Stingily and James Spencer.

NIU Strategy

This one won't be close, even with the short turnaround after the Toledo game. The weather could be a factor, but who knows. NIU has the edge when the ball has to be run on the opponent during this inclement snow that will be happening in Dekalb. Run, run, run the scoreboard up early and get all the seniors out there for their last night in Dekalb in Huskie Stadium. Will there be any letdown after clinching yet another trip to Detroit? No, not this squad.