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Northern Illinois just one of three undefeated teams after crazy weekend

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The Northern Illinois Huskies are just one of three teams nationally with an undefeated record in the regular season.

Brian Bahr

The NIU Huskies are one of the elite teams in the nation. Okay, maybe not by human pollsters just yet but all the pieces seem to be falling in to place for this special, special squad.

Fresno State ran into a buzzsaw on Friday when traveling to San Jose State. The now 6-6 SJSU Spartans were battling for bowl eligibility while the Bulldogs were just hoping to stay alive in the BCS race. David Fales threw for a school-record 547 yds and 6 touchdowns outshining David Carr who wasn't bad himself with 519 and 6 TDs of his own with an interception as well.

Just think about that. Fresno gave up 736 total yds to a team that is barely bowl eligible. NIU is clearly the better team in this situation, even though the Bulldogs have been rated ahead of the Huskies all season long for some unforsaken reason.

This leaves the door wide open for NIU to take the BCS spot, most likely against Oklahoma State now in the Fiesta Bowl.

First, don't forget about the MAC Championship game in a week on December 6th vs Bowling Green.

Today another interesting development happened and that was Alabama losing to Auburn in the final seconds 28-34.


That is just crazy. Kudos to NIU to staying in it this season all the way. CBS Bowl projections right now have Auburn vs UCF in the Sugar Bowl which is a bit strange. I biasedly want NIU to play in the Sugar Bowl because then I wouldn't have to leave my lovely town of New Orleans for a Bowl game.

Also importantly, Jordan Lynch, legitimate legitimate Heisman contender with Bama falling???

Anyways, congrats to the Huskies on being one of only three 12-0 teams this season. See you in Detroit.

How do you think it's going to shake out for NIU?