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Jordan Lynch up to 2nd in Heisman Predictions

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Quarterback Jordan Lynch of the Northern Illinois Huskies has a fair shot at claiming the Heisman Trophy this year.

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If you look across the scope of college football, any sort of image for an atypical Heisman winner is crumbling. A.J. McCarron was the biggest loser this week with his Alabama squad losing to Auburn.

Florida State's Jameis Winston is still the odds-on favorite to win the Heisman, but Lynch is right there with him in case anything changes with his legal status, which is still up in the air at this point in the season.

USA Today's Poll has Lynch at #2 behind Winston

ESPN's Poll has Lynch at #2

SI has Lynch at #2

Heisman Pundit also lists Lynch as #2

Jordan Lynch still has a game to play and I think that if this calling of the race proves to be wrong - or overcome by events - then he will be the reason. Lynch is just 245 rushing yards away from becoming the first 2,000 passer/2,000 rusher in NCAA history. This is a very powerful stat. If enough voters are skittish enough about Winston and are looking for a viable alternative, then a 2,000/2,000 guy might rise to that standard, even if he does play for Northern Illinois. Ah, and there's the rub. If Lynch was playing for an undefeated school in a BCS league, he'd be running away with this thing. But then, maybe he doesn't get 2,000/2,000 playing for a major school. This is the issue voters grapple with when it comes to Lynch. As of right now, his school and its lack of quality competition are his biggest drawbacks as a candidate. It also doesn't help that FSU did a number on him in the last Orange Bowl.

According to, Lynch is a +400 (4/1) favorite to win the Heisman. He is vastly overshadowed by Winston's -2000 making him a heavy favorite. That means you would have to bet $2,000 to win $100 for Winston. Some bets were taken at 28/1 before this week on taking the Heisman as well.

Anyway you shake it up this is the closest any NIU player has ever been to the Heisman trophy. It is definitely in his grasp to acheive and he definitely has made his case this season so far.

Also, don't forget to vote in the Nissan Heisman House fan voting, where Lynch is currently in the lead.

And he has one more game to play vs Bowling Green this Friday at 7 PM.