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This Mascot Training Montage is the Cutest thing you'll see all day

The new NIU Huskie mascot Mission goes through a training montage to replace Diesel who retires after this season.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Sadly, the real-life Huskie mascot Diesel will be retiring this season after 9 years of service. So who's waiting in the wings you ask?

The NIU Alumni Association posted this link on facebook and it is pretty much everything I've ever dreamed of.

A full breakdown of what is great about this video:

:01 - Baby Huskie photo grabs you right out of the gate.

:05 - Born in Marengo, good thing he's a local dog.

:07 - His name is Mission and clearly his mission was to become the NIU mascot and that's what this video is showing you.



:18 - Shot of Diesel delivering "the perfect high-five". CAN MISSION LIVE UP TO THAT???

:34 - This is where the training gets pretty heavy. Catching balls, running through obstacles, checking out books at the library oh my!

Perfectly done in a classic 1980's training montage. Just perfect. Diesel was an amazing Huskie mascot for the past nine years and will be missed. I can't wait to see what Mission has to offer.