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DE Sean Progar heading to the New York Jets as UDFA

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Former Northern Illinois defensive end Sean Progar heads to the New York Jets as an undrafted free agent.

Jonathan Daniel

Late yesterday there was a flurry of players on social media congratulating Sean Progar on heading to the Jets as a UDFA.

Progar has been widely regarded as one of the best defensive ends in the MAC for multiple years, teaming along with Alan Baxter (Steelers now) to lead the defensive line to an abundance of success against opposing offenses.

Progar is the more traditional DE of the two, standing at a considerable 6'2" 254 and stands formidable against the running game first and foremost.

He ranks third all-time in NIU history with 24 in his career and eighth in TFLs with 39.5. He's been named 1st team All-MAC twice in his career.

Many thought that Progar had one of the best chances to get drafted on the team, but we'll just have to wait and see. With Tim Tebow getting cut by the Jets, he might as well get some shots at the QB position as well (just kidding).