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Northern Illinois Huskies defeat the Iowa Hawkeyes 30-27 in hard fought victory

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Somehow, the NIU Huskies found themselves on top of the Iowa Hawkeyes on Saturday 30-27 in Kinnick Stadium.

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What an amazing win you guys. I'm still catching my breath. Here is a quick recap of the amazing victory by the NIU Huskies. It's such a strange feeling, because usually what happens is that we end up losing these ones. Ahh, the life of a Huskie fan it is a changin.

First Quarter

After a couple of offensive stalls with both teams feeling each other out, Jamaal Bass was able to force an Iowa fumble which Jason Meehan was able to recover. On the next drive, Jordan Lynch would toss the ball to Da'Ron Brown for 14 yds and Juwan Brescacin for 10. That would set up NIU kicker Matthew Sims for a 47-yd field goal which he would make to put the Huskies up 3-0 early.

On the next possession, Iowa didn't do much on offense and then kicked a horrible 16-yd punt which would allow the Huskies to start their drive on the Iowa 50-yd line. The offense was able to get going and capped that drive off with a 40-yd TD by Tommylee Lewis. 10-0 Huskies.

Iowa attacked immediately from their own 10-yd line with a 49 yd pass from Jake Ruddock to Damond Powell for 49 yds, but they got to no-mans land on the NIU 36 yd line and failed on a 4th and 15.

The turning point

NIU has the momentum in the 1Q. Lynch is running it well but when the Huskies get to mid-field, Lynch passes it to TE Luke Eakes and Iowa defender Christian Kirksey causes the fumble, recovers the ball himself and runs the ball 48 yds for an Iowa TD to put the game at 10-7 Huskies.

Second Quarter

What a blow to the NIU offense. They go 3 and out and Iowa gets the ball back. Iowa drives the ball for 13 plays including 7 rushes in a row and kicks a filed goal when the reach the NIU 10 yd line.

3 and out for the Huskies again (sensing a pattern?). Then BOOM IOWA FLEA FLICKER to Jordan Cotton for 53 yds and then a quick TD to man TD C.J. Fiedorowicz. 14-10 Hawkeyes.

Back and forth

The NIU offense FINALLY gets a chance to turn it on then boom its Angelo Sebastiano for 18 yds, and then Tommylee Lewis for catches of 17 and a 21 yd TD grab to cap that drive.

Iowa responded and just grinded the defense down it seemed like in the hot weather. The biggest play on that drive was a 15 yd pass + a 15 yd facemask on Marlon Moore.

Third Quarter

Only three points were scored in the 3Q as the defensive struggle we thought we were going to see finally happened. Just back and forth.

NIU went for it on 4th and 2 on NIU's own 46 and converted it with a run up the middle. Then we got into Iowa territory and Lynch went for it again on 4th and 2 with a run up the middle. Bad playcalling. Way too predictable at this point.

Back and forth. Dechane Durante picked off Jake Rudock and NIU also runs a fake punt on their final drive of the quarter with Tyler Wedel scampering for 42 yds on a 4th and 5. NIU would get to the Iowa 7 but then Sims would have to boot a 25 yarder to get the Huskies up to 20-24.

Fourth Quarter

Here's where things get interesting.

Nope, still nothing going when NIU gets the ball. Some runs by Stingily work until it gets to 3rd down and he gets stuffed.

Iowa does one of their patented drives breaking down the front seven, but can only get a FG. 27-20 Hawkeyes. That's right.

Time to step it up on offense my friends. It's beautiful to see the NIU Huskies offense when it gets in motion. Gorgeous 27 yarder to Sebastiano. Then Da'Ron Brown steps up into the Tommylee Lewis role (who went down with an ankle injury) with both a 12 yd reception and one for 33 yds and a TD. YES! 27-27 ALL.

Is Iowa going to be stopped? Yes, the Huskies do it. NIU doesn't do anything and runs the ball on a 3rd and 10. Only a screen pass by Iowa in the previous possession was a worse call than this.

Iowa gets the ball back and they are going to win this - BUT NO!! Jimmie Ward with the INT and all we have to do is run Cameron Stingily to set up a Matthew Sims field goal that he SINKS with :03 secs left in the game. 30-27 NIU. SWEET VICTORY.

This is the first win in 9 tries against the Iowa Hawkeyes. What a great win. Time to celebrate Huskie fans.