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Northern Illinois getting to Moscow, Idaho half the battle

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NIU's travel schedule is one of the hardest aspects of traveling to Moscow, Idaho to face the Vandals.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Getting to Moscow, ID to play the Idaho Vandals on Saturday will be a game in itself for the Northern Illinois Huskies. Since Washington State has a home game on Saturday, the Huskies won't be able to stay in nearby Pullman and will have to head to a hotel in Spokane, Washington instead. Even though Idaho is ranked as one of the worst teams in NCAA football, just getting to the game in itself may cause teams to fall asleep in the Kibbie dome. It almost happened the same way when the Huskies travelled there in 2007 with a close 42-35 victory. An article from Huskie Wire breaks down the tripas well as most of the press conference focused on it as well.


  • 3.5 hour flight to from Rockford, IL to Lewiston, ID
  • 40 min drive to Moscow, ID for team walkthrough
  • 2 hour drive to Spokane, WA to team hotel


  • 2 hour drive from Spokane to Moscow for 4 pm CST game which is 2 pm out there.

How will Coach Carey pass the time during these long rides (outside of the actual gameday of course)?

"I usually get caught up on my movies. We usually bring some good movies. I don't get out much, so we get caught up that way. Movies, music like anybody else would do on a bus ride. It's not something that I can go ahead and direct. I mean everybody gets ready in a different way. Some guys like to nap, some guys like to listen to their music, and some guys like to read a book. It's like if we all got on a bus together it would be different."

I wonder what movies Coach likes to watch...