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TV dates added for Eastern Illinois and Eastern Michigan, NIU vs Idaho hard to find

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Television dates have been added for EIU and EMU, but NIU vs Idaho might be hard to find online.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports announced today that the Eastern Illinois game on September September 21st will be broadcast on ESPN3 and WatchESPN and that Comcast SportsNet Chicago will broadcast the Eastern Michigan game on October 26th.

These additions are a plus, because year-in and year-out the biggest obstacle for national exposure for the Huskies is availability to watch the games on national television.

The only way NIU is going to be on TV this year is on weeknights in November which is usually the way it goes for MAC squads.

ESPN2/ESPNU for Ball State on a Wednesday

ESPN2 @ Toledo on a Wednesday

ESPN2 vs Western Michigan on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

Plus the MAC Championship and Bowl game if you make it that far. But what about the voters in the polls? Exposure makes that much of a difference in the longrun for a team like Northern Illinois.

Idaho will only available on to my knowledge and this site doesn't condone video piracy of any sort.

Now the NIU Huskies have TV dates set up for most games on the schedule. Purdue might be picked up by the Big 10 Network.

Kent State will be on something called TWC Sportschannel. Akron and Central Michigan don't have anything available yet and who knows if those will end up on ESPN3 or a local station. Some people don't even have cable and have to work around that somehow to find a game online or at the sports bar. Do you watch games on your 360 or PS3? Does your local bar stream ESPN3 games to their TVs? It's tough situation if you don't have a dedicated NIU bar.

Maybe I'm complaining too much. We're in a lot better shape than what we were in just earlier last decade. Leaps and bounds actually with all the available technology. All I know is that I watch the Huskies each week come hell or high water. But does everybody else?

I just wish I could go to Fatty's every weekend!!!

  • Are you OK with games just being online?
  • Is it tough for you to watch NIU play every weekend?
  • Do you think that NIU can get more nationally televised in the future?
  • How can NIU accomplish this?