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NIU Huskies injury updates and depth chart for Eastern Illinois

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Depth chart for the Northern Illinois Huskies as they take on the EIU Panthers this weekend in Dekalb, IL.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the weekly gamenotes for the Northern Illinois Huskies vs the Eastern Illinois Panthers.


Everything is pretty much the same.

WR Tommylee Lewis appears to be extremely healthy racking up 104 rushing yds and 9 catches for 56 yds against Idaho.

RB Akeem Daniels still doesn't appear on the depth chart and he'll be back against Purdue the earliest I suppose.

Also I made a mistake last week saying that Matt Krempel started against Iowa at RT. The Iowa gamenotes list him as the starter, but the current weekly gamenotes says that Ryan Brown started both games so far for the Huskies. OK.


How's the status of Anthony Wells' recovery from a broken foot at this time?

On the time table for Anthony Wells
"I'm going to hear something here in a little bit from the doctors and see if he can get out there and practice today or tomorrow or whenever that is, but I'm hopeful it's real soon."

So wait and see. The defensive line seems to be doing fine in his absence but you always need extra depth towards the end of the season.

At NG, Mario Jones is pushing for Donovan Gordon's starting spot with an OR in front of his name on the depth chart. After 11 sacks by everybody on the roster, I couldn't care less who starts on this D-Line. Jones started against Iowa.

At OLB, freshman Jamaal Payton has been taken off the depth chart for whatever reason in favor for Mike Cotton.


Tommylee is going to head back to returning kickoffs according to the depth chart along with Angelo Sebastiano.