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NIU Huskies to take on Northwestern in 2014

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The Northern Illinois Huskies will face the Northwestern Wildcats on their 2014 schedule.


There's not too many announcements that would make me almost choke on my breakfast cereal, but this one did:

According to, he NIU Huskies will face Northwestern on September 6th, 2014.

Here's what the new AD Sean Frazier says about the game, who I'm starting to like more and more every day:

"I am extremely excited to add Northwestern, a high-quality opponent, to our 2014 football non-conference schedule," Frazier said. "Declining attendance at college football games is a national trend and scheduling has been identified as a prime factor in the decline. I am continually evaluating our future football schedules, and the addition of this game is just the first announcement regarding concerted efforts to improve our football schedule, connect with our alumni base in the Chicago region, increase exposure for NIU and promote the NIU Huskies as a national brand."

According to the Northwestern website, it says that the Huskies will take on the Wildcats on Ryan Field. Would have liked to see something at Wrigley Field or the like, but what can you do.

The last time these two squads in 2005 is practically burned into my mind as the Huskies lost 37-38 on a failed 2-point conversation attempt from Phil Horvath to Sam Hurd in a crazy offensive shootout.

The all-time record between the two squads is 6-0-1 in favor of Northwestern. Due to the recent success of Northwestern and NIU, this may become the de facto state championship for college football in Illinois. We've seen how much excitement a team like Eastern Illinois brought to the table against the Huskies, now we can only hope and build off of the success of both programs and in-state rivalries. Props to former NIU AD Jim Phillips for agreeing to this as well.

Good job Huskies. This is a much better opponent than Idaho. Wake Forest, Arkansas and Presbyterian round out the 2014 schedule, which looks like it could be a beast.