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NIU Huskies injury updates and depth chart for Purdue

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Depth charts and injury notes for the Northern Illinois Huskies vs the Purdue Boilermakers.


Jordan Lynch had to miss a few plays in last week's game, but he'll be OK:

On Jordan Lynch's injury status after last week's game
"Yeah, he's fine. I mean he had bumps and bruises like everybody. So he'll be fine. I'm sure his bruise isn't completely away yet but he'll be fine."

RB Akeem Daniels' recovery appears to be still down the road:

On getting Akeem Daniels back
"I'd love to. Can you go talk to his foot? It's a foot. I don't understand it all, but it can be temperamental during the healing process. It's day-to-day like it's been."

On any setbacks to Daniels' foot
"No, and I don't know that you'd classify anything that has gone on during this rehab as a setback, because it can be so temperamental, and that's probably the norm. You take a couple steps forward, a couple steps back. Normal injuries you just see progression, but this one is going to be like this, but no, he hasn't had any setbacks."

On the possibility for Daniels to redshirt
"Yeah, you obviously cross those bridges when it comes to them, but I wouldn't want to speak too far into the future."

According to HW, DT Anthony Wells has practiced this week and is probable against Purdue this week after recovering from a broken foot:

"We’ll see how he feels after today and kind of go from there," Carey said. "One day at a time."

From the Tribune, WR Angelo Sebastiano is apparently fine after receiving a crushing hit from an EIU defender that got him ejected from the game for targeting:

"He's going to have to battle through and get better," Carey said. "I don't expect him to be back on the field for (Tuesday's practice). Wednesday we'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

Carey said he expects Sebastiano to make a full recovery.

"He's in a good place now healthwise," he said.

Sebastiano IS on the depth chart this week vs Purdue, so there's that. Even on special teams.

Rasheen "Rock" Lemon's indefinite suspension for violation of team rules will continue this week, as he is not on the depth chart. Michael Santacaterina is both the backup MLB and the starting OLB this week.

From all I've read from Purdue this week, they seem relatively healthy as well. Cheers to two healthy teams out there giving it all in West Lafayette.